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Scam Alert - horses for sale

Online fraud is growing, infecting many websites and other forms of communication. Everybody needs to be aware of what to look for and how to protect themselves so they can continue to have a good online experience.'s customer service team is doing everything possible to pinpoint and block scam artists attempting to defraud our members - keeping up with their evolving strategies to sneak by us undetected. Even with our new fraud-catching tools a few scam artists are still able to sneak by - usually not for long - and may come in contact with some of our members. In order to further deter the few that find their way in we need to raise awareness to sellers about the scam attempts that can hurt them directly.

What to watch out for:

  1. A buyer that wants to send you a money order or cashier's check, usually over the amount you are asking.
  2. A buyer that requests a refund for all or part of their payment.
  3. A buyer requests to send the extra payment to their "shipping agent" who will be picking up your horse, pet or product.
  4. An email or phone call from someone posing as a representative of asking for your password or full credit card information.
    NOTE! We do not call to our customers and ask for sensitive information like account access or credit card information!

Scam artists exploit the delay in processing deposited money orders and cashier's checks by asking for refunds after they are sure you have received their counterfeit payment. It's hard for your bank to determine that the deposited funds are actually in your account. To give you an idea, counterfeit money orders / cashier's checks can take two weeks or more to be recognized, especially if the originating bank is outside of the US. We have received reports that some banks will confirm that the money order is good, however, it will come back as fraudulent several weeks later. Your bank may be able to give you a time frame for when they can give you a solid answer about your deposits. So, make sure your bank understands the situation and that you have given your deposits time to clear completely before you send requested refunds.

Scam artists will pose as a customer service representative of asking for your login information or request a payment. We do not request your login password or your full credit card information in email or over the phone. At times, to assist members with current or past charges over the phone, we will ask for the first four and last four of the credit card number, the date of the charge, the last name on the card and possibly the expiration date depending on the situation. We do not accept payment over the phone and never ask for the credit card security code (CVV). There are two extra ways that can help you determine if a true representative is contacting you:

  1. If you have caller ID, look at the country code - it should be "+372" or "00372".
  2. When replying to email, make sure the reply-to address ends with "". Scam artists can change their "Display address" so that it looks like we are emailing you but when you hit the reply button the email address changes to a completely different address (usually ending in, or

If you suspect that a scam artist emailed or called you asking for your sensitive information please email us at with all the contact information and correspondence you can collect. If you feel a buyer may actually be a scam artist then email all buyer information and email correspondence We can research the account and remove scam accounts so that others will not be affected. Collect all your correspondence (e.g.; email, letters, payment) to give to your local authorities. You can also report them to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (

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