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Trade Horses Ad Packages

Basic Photo Ad

A Photo brings your ad alive If you want to buy something, you may want to see it first. Especially when we are talking about internet and online classifieds sites. Nowadays taking a picture is as simple as tying a shoelace. You can do it with almost anything - cam recorder, digital camera or a mobile phone. Forget basic text ads, bring your ads alive with a beautiful photo!

Premium Photo Ad

Tune your ad with more photos and videos! If you are serious about selling online, you should definetly consider adding videos and more photos to your ad. With a good video clip you can pass much more information than words or pictures ever are able to. Make videos! Not only when selling a horse - you can make videos of saddles, trailers, properties or even yourself when looking for a job. The duration of Premium Photo Ad is 120 days.
  • 20
  • 5
  • 120
  • Categories: 4
  • Price: $14.00
  • Available: everyone
  • Start selling!

Featured Premium Ad

Best position in search results and browse lists with more photos and videos! This package is the king of's ad plans. The difference between Featured Premium Ad and Premium Photo Ad lies on the positioning of your listing. Featured ads are always on the top of search results and browse lists. In addition, you can add more photos (20!) and up to 5 video links. With Featured Premium Ad package, you can post your ads in up to 4 categories at once without any additional fees! The duration of Featured Premium Ad is 120 days. Your ad will be Featured on - we will also post all our featured ads on Facebook and Twitter!
  • 20
  • 5
  • 120
  • Categories: 5
  • Price: $19.00
  • Available: everyone
  • Start selling!

Silver Ad Package

Get your products online! Ad packages are designed for Business Users. With these packages you can get more ads online with less money spent. This is a smart move when you are dealing with wide range of products, services or a lot of horses, saddles or trailers. Also if you are a real estate broker you can take advantage of our ad packages by submitting many properties with a one time fee. Silver Ad Package is equiped with Premium Photo Ad features. You can choose 2 related categories where you would like to show your ad in addition to the main category.
  • 15
  • 3
  • 120
  • Ads: 10
  • Categories: 3
  • Price: $79.00
  • Available: businesses
  • Start selling!

Full Year

Online for a hole year! Full year ads are useful when listing your stallion at stud or advertising your service. Full Year ads are equipped with Premium Photo Ads with a duration of 365 days!
  • 10
  • 3
  • 365
  • Categories: 1
  • Price: $39.00
  • Available: everyone
  • Start selling!
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